L'Oreal Revitalift Instant Multi-Regenerating Serum 30ml

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L'Oreal research has shown that face ageing is mainly composed of 10 signs of ageing. Most of them are increased by daily UV rays.

Wrinkles,Loss of Tonicity,Fine Lines,Uneven Skin Tone,Loss of Firmness,Dull Complexion,Loss of Elasticity,Irregular Skin Texture,Lack of Plumpness,Skin Dehydration.

L'Oreal Revitalift Instant Multi-Regenerating Serum Is Designed to cater to todays busy lifesyle

A breakthrough serum highly concentrated with anti-ageing actives.Stumulift, a revolutionary active conceived to stimulate skin's natural lifters and Adenosine, a powerful anti-wrinkle active to help fight against signs of ageing.This rapidly penetrating formula transforms your skin immediately for visible results.Fine-lines are smoothened within 1 hour.

Skin is immediately

Firmer: +16%
More toned: +38%
More supple: +16%
Suitable for all types of skin
Instant multi-active serum
Helps to reduce signs of ageing
Results on wrinkles with 1 hour
Scientifically tested
Apply this serum by itself or before your daily care, morning and/or evening, on the entire face.
Made In Germany

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