Oh yes! Women have better orgasms if their partner is funny and rich, new study shows November 18 2014, 10 Comments

After years of debate, new research has found women enjoy themselves in bed more if their man has lots of money and makes them laugh

Woman have better orgasms if partner funny... and rich


 A study looking at women's orgasm intensity, frequency and sexual satisfaction found that ladies are onto a winner if their partner was funny, self-confident and their family were high earners.

Psychologist George Gallup and his colleagues at the University of Albany surveyed straight female college students in relationships about how often they had orgasms during sex.

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 Researchers also looked at their partner's family income, body measurements, personality, and how good looking they were.

Their looks were judged by the woman's friends to give a less biased score.

Findings concluded that orgasm intensity was related to how attracted the women were to their partners, how much sex the couple had per week, and ratings of sexual satisfaction.

Women who have partners whose friends consider him good looking were found to have more intense orgasms.

Other findings said the intensity of orgasms were a marginally better indication of sexual satisfaction than how frequently women experienced them.


Woman have better orgasms if partner funny... and rich
Dirty money: The study found men whose families were wealthy had more satisfied girlfriends

 Men with broad shoulders were found to be more likely to have a sexually satisfied partner.

 Women who started having sex at earlier ages had more partners, experienced more orgasms, and were more satisfied in bed with their partners.

Professor Gallup said: "We also identified a [series] of partner psychological traits - motivation, intelligence, focus, and determination - that predicted how often women initiated sexual intercourse.

"Their partner's sense of humour not only predicted his self-confidence and family income, but it also predicted women's propensity to initiate sex, how often they had sex, and it enhanced their orgasm frequency in comparison with other partners."

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